A Guide to St Pete Pier

Location: 800 Second Ave NE, Saint Petersburg, FL 3370

Are you new in town and not sure what to go do first?

Starting with the biggest attraction is always a good place to start.

A Guide to St. Pete Pier

The pier incorporates some the best trends of modern urban life. While it may seem large and jutting quite proudly out into Tampa Bay… it’s definitely walkable. If you’re finding that walking isn’t your thing, then there is a tram system that makes it easy going from end to end. The Pier is for people who thrive on non-stop activity as it is for those who want a place for solitary contemplation. Perfect for morning runs, afternoon sunbathing or evening strolls.

Amazing Sculptures for Public Display

Bending Arc
-Janet Echelman

The Pier features several large public art pieces such as the “Bending Arc” by Janet Echelman. This dazzling net sculpture stands at 76 feet tall and 428 feet wide. This unique design of it being perpetually in motion with the wind.

Uniquely crafted from a lightweight fiber, this monumental piece is engineered to withstand 150 mph winds, and a maximum force applied to its masts is 65 tons.

The rope fiber is 15x stronger than steel and was used by NASA to tether the Mars Rover.

The net in the plan covers 47,500 square feet.
The net and ropes weigh a total of 5,330 pounds.

Learn more about the pier art

It’s more than just a PIER…
It’s an exPIERence

The St. Pete Pier spreads across 26 acres extending into the Tampa Bay, giving Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida an all access pass to one of the best locations to get a view. (…Inside the actual bay)

This $92 million dollar project includes five restaurants, a playground, an environmental educational center, and numerous public artwork.

Yeah, that’s right… there’s a lot to this pier than meets the eye.

I do have a suggestion, if you’re going to out to one of the restaurants here, then make that you call ahead and make a reservation. There is parking out on the pier, but you gotta think that there’s a lot of people trying to do the exact same thing as you. So… do yourself a favor and save the headache… call ahead and make a reservation (especially if you’re going on a date).

You’ll thank me later. 😉

There’s typically an event happening every week at the pier, you’ll get to see people from all over the world come hang out, eat food, listen to live music and then enjoy a beautiful sunset before a night out in Downtown St. Pete.

Explore more about the St. Pete Pier.

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