A Guide to Vinoy Park

Located on the downtown water front, Vinoy Park is one of the most talked about and visited parks in St. Petersburg, Florida. Adjacent to the park is the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, which the water front property was first purchased in the 1880s for $35.

The hotel just celebrated their 90 year anniversary in 2015. Besides having a rich history, the park is not only a popular spot for music festivals and outdoor gathers. It’s very popular with the fitness world for the white sand beaches and other amenities.

In this post, we share a complete guide to Vinoy Park.

Walking Trails and Outdoor Sports

One of the biggest features of the park is how it extends along the waterfront of Tampa Bay. The park has some great scenic views and a great place for hosting events, festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Beside its popularity with events, there’s a robust fitness community. The park features a walking trail that has a scenic bay view of the Tampa Bay. It’s also equipped with a set of tennis courts and a calisthenics gym area so let’s just say you don’t have a lot of people saying they hate cardio here.

Vinoy Park tennis courts and outdoor gym

If you’re into some outdoor sports, there’s definitely not a shortage of things to do outdoors. There’s an outdoor gym that’s right next to the tennis courts where you can get some calisthenics going. Body work is important so make sure you stretch out first!

Let’s not forget about the waterfront that Vinoy Park faces towards Tampa Bay. You’ve got some awesome volleyball courts in a set of 6 so you can get plenty of pick up games if you’re out venturing and looking to hit the beach sports. Also right next to this court is a set of pull up bars where you can also get some light calisthenics going while soaking up the sun.

Vinoy Park Scenic View

Let’s not forget about the view of the bay that you’ll get when you’re walking along the trail. Perfect for walking your furry friends to see the view. (Pets aren’t allowed on the sand)

If you’re lucky and happen to catch a certain time of the day before sunset, as you walk along the bay shoreline you just might spot a dolphin or two.

It’s pretty cool to be so close to nature.

Whether you’re wanting to get out and take a walk, set up a blanket to have a picnic, play 2v2 volleyball, host a small gathering under the palm trees.

Vinoy Park offers all those and much more.

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