A Walking Guide to St. Pete

Hey readers! It’s been a minute and I apologize… life gets a little crazy

I’m sure that everyone could say something similar with these recession times!

But if you’re also like me… then you’ve seen that St. Pete is expanding like a wildfire! Have you seen the number of condos & apartments going up in Downtown St. Pete?? (I’d share which ones but honestly… it’s like wildly overpriced… I’m not going to put you through that) And there’s not much land that’s available. (you can’t exactly create more available land)

There’s a flood of people coming from all over the world to St. Petersburg, Florida, so that means you’re going to meet quite a few people from various walks of life. While most people visit for the beautiful beaches, do water sports, and the party till you drop vibe. People are moving to Florida in flocks! (although the beaches are beautiful here) St. Pete is becoming a new cultural melting pot in the US.

Speaking of various walks of life… let’s get into today’s post!

Let’s say you are visiting here for an extended stay or simply looking to live here and in general… you’re not sure what’s really going to be your scene. I know I struggle with having to be social at times and quite honestly… I love people watching… so with that being said here’s my Walking Guide to St Pete.

I know what you’re thinking… what the heck is a walking guide

Well… do you like taking long walks at times with no real agenda and would like to walk and silently observe people being people? I know I do. Now, this isn’t something that’s condescending or attempting to make fun of anyone. I don’t agree with any kind of bullying of any sort… even if they really earned the bullying.

Let’s take a walk around Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida

Alright… you just flew into Florida and have made your way to St. Pete. It’s a little late in the afternoon, so you’re really about wanting to check out the sites before your trip really begins. I mean who doesn’t like to scope out the area for fun activities before you truly let loose? … or is that just me? Hmm.

Skrrrtt… you parked your car in a parking garage and now you’re ready to hit the town to see what kind of things are popping around town. Luckily… you’ve read this blog and so you’re prepared to walk these streets.

Central Ave has most of your needs

I didn’t say this was an extensive walk… this is really only for Downtown St. Pete because if I were to list every possible place you could take a stroll and run into an interesting person… I wouldn’t be able to end this article fast enough.

Legit… there’s a lot of interesting people that have been moving here, but that’s not what you wanted to hear. You wanted something a little juicier… I hear you.

I would recommend starting around Grand Central or the Historic District because that’s where you’ll be in-between Gulfport and the Pier. Which is where you kind of want to be at… the middle of everything.

Whether you’re a drinker, dancer, smoker, or all-time joker… Grand Central has breweries, dance parties, and live music. (depending on the day of the week)

Even if you’re a non-drinker there are still plenty of things that you can get yourself into. Kava & kratom bars have great vibes if you’re not into drinking alcohol.

Now you’ll want to walk South towards St. Pete Pier… first off because the pier is a beautiful spot and second… you’ll see a lot of cool places along the way. IF you’re a sunset kind of person like myself… then you’ll want to make a stop at the Canopy rooftop bar for a view of the city and water. I recommend being there around 6:30 pm so you’ll at least have time to relax before the sun comes down.

But before you get to the Canopy, there are quite a bit of stops, shops, souvenirs, and weird things to check out. If you check out some of the alleyways on central, you’ll actually run into some boutique shops that are kind of hidden in the nooks and corners of the city.

TLDR: Walk down central ave from grand central and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on what you’ll walk into 🙂

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