Wander St Pete is a site that is dedicated to helping you find the best that the city of St. Petersburg (Florida not Russia) has to offer, including restaurants, breweries, hiking trails, public parks, festivals, events, family activities, neighborhoods, and more.

Typically when visitors and/or newcomers come to St. Petersburg (Florida not Russia) they make up this image of a busy road with the beach on their left and the city to their left with everything just popping out at you to visit them there. And it’s true… there is but that’s for tourists. The locals know that St. Pete is home to:

  • Beautiful Beaches in a variety of locations that
  • An incredible selection of independent small businesses
  • Kava & Kratom shops have been really popular in Florida
  • Cultural arts
  • Newly Built Pier
  • Beautiful locations with a sunset view

St. Petersburg is filled with interesting places to see and plenty of things to do. If you linger around long enough, the more you notice about the city and surrounding areas hidden gems.

Visiting St. Petersburg
(Florida not Russia)

St Pete Pier

If you happen to be visiting St. Petersburg, FL, for a few days then the pier is definitely a highlight where you’ll also find the restaurant, Teak, that overlooks Tampa Bay. Definitely makes for a beautiful way to end the evening with a sunset dinner.

Exploring St. Petersburg’s Neighborhoods

Weedon Island Preserve

Weedon Island Protect is an expansive 3,190-acre of land normal region situated on Tampa Bay. This coastal framework, comprised of oceanic and upland ecosystems, is the home to various types of native plants and animals, an instructive facility and a rich cultural history. Native people groups preoccupied this site for millennia. Today, the preserve ensures safety for this wide variety of natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. Weedon Island Preserve is additionally a notable birding and fishing site.

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