Best Pet Friendly Places in St. Petersburg, Florida

Hey, thanks for coming back to another installment on “What to do in St. Petersburg, Florida,” and our featuring topic of discussion are about our furry friends. Really… all animals are welcomed but we see a lot of dogs in the Sunshine City.

Let’s talk about some our favorite pet friendly locations!

I’ll be honest… St. Pete is probably one of the more pet friendly places to be. You can’t really walk around town without seeing someone out walking their furry friends. And sometimes their reptile friends.

You could go just about anywhere in Florida to hang out with your pets but we’re not talking about just anywhere, we’re talking about St. Petersburg, Florida. Let’s take a journey to some our pet friendly places.

Grassroots Kava House

Have you ever heard of Kratom or Kava? If you’re not big into alcohol and still want to have a good time. Then Kratom and Kava are what you’ll want to try out. Grassroots has become what seems to be the center point on central ave. It’s a great meeting spot for dates, hangouts, workdays, and even student gatherings.

This has a two story location that allows for your furry friends to hang out whether it’s inside or outside.

Even your furry friends can make their own friends

Low Tide Kava Bar

Next up we have Low Tide Kava Bar. This is a gem that’s kind of tucked away off the main streets of Gulfport. It’s got that beach vibe but in the city. (The ocean isn’t too far off around here in St. Pete) If you’re looking for a cool spot to lay low for the day and just soak up some sun with its cool beach vibe outdoor seating

Plenty of outdoor seating for your pet pal to soak up some of that warm sunshine.

Cage Brewing

Popular location in Downtown St. Pete, the Cage Brewery offers a unique feel of hanging out in a brewery with live music. With some food truck stalls that hit all the flavors that you’ll be looking for when having a nice cold brew. There’s also a great selection of ciders that you choose from as well.

All locally owned and brewed. The outdoor seating is perfect set up for next gathering and pet dates.

Green Bench Brewery

Look at all that green that’s just begging for your pets to hang out on. Green Bench Brewery lives up to being green that’s for sure and with their red umbrellas, it’s a really nice contrasting touch to bring in the ambiance.
Listen… I don’t think I really need to share much more right?


They also have several of the finest local selection you could ask along with a couple choice ciders.

It’s not only a great spot to meet up. You can actually get work done here because of how spacious it is.

St. Pete Pier


Last but not least… we have the St. Pete Pier. This is probably the main attraction of it all. It just has almost everything you could want to offer. I do mean almost. You’ll see a few different types of street performers but I have yet to see an actual live band take a stage out here. I’m not sure if there would be a weight issue or if there wouldn’t be enough room but it seems like there could be a cool event to put on here.

That may be coming later in different development of the pier.

Oh yeah! This isn’t about the pier about where to take your pet pals!

There’s a few spots you can take you pals to when you here on the lawn that’s on a hill. So it’s a natural area to catch the sun if you want to soak up some rays.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little quick guide.

We’ll be sure to continue to update more about the locations as we visit them.

We wouldn’t want to send you some where we haven’t been ourselves 😉

Until next time…

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