How’s the weather in St. Petersburg, Florida?

You want to know more about how the weather is here in St. Pete?

Well, look no further.

We’re about to give you the 411 on why St. Petersburg, Florida is called the Sunshine City.

Fun fact: St. Petersburg is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having 768 consecutive days of sunshine, which occurred between February 9, 1967 and March 17, 1969

Sunshine City St. Petersburg Florida

Quick History Lesson

In 1918, John Lodwick came to St. Petersburg and began using sunshine, sports and bathing beauties to market the city as the nation’s playground of perpetual well-being. Lodwick’s efforts helped set the stage for the city’s boom at the start of the roaring ‘20s. Then St. Petersburg starting booming. Hotels like the Vinoy, the Soreno (demolished in 1992), the Pennsylvania and Princess Martha were being built downtown.

Why it’s Sunny

The reason why St. Petersburg, Florida (not Russia), is called the Sunshine City is that the U.S. averages 205 sunny days a year. There’s an average temperature of 73 degrees and 361 days of sunshine, St. Pete has earned the moniker, the “Sunshine City.”

With the ocean breeze coming through, there’s really no reason to use any air conditioning. You can definitely drive with the windows down just about every day.

If you’re looking to travel to St. Pete and not sure where what you’re looking for. You’ll at least be looking for warmer weather and lots of sun.

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